Financing Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Financing Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

We understand that the purchase of a new WAV represents a significant financial investment and are committed to offering the lowest prices on our vehicles. There are a number of ways our customers choose to finance their Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) and we will work with you to determine the most appropriate finance option for you.

Whilst many of our customers are in the fortunate position of being able to pay for their wheelchair accessible vehicle from their savings, there are finance options available to help you make this life changing purchase.

Personal Loans

Personal loans provide some of the most competitive interest rates and with online comparison sites it is easier than ever to find options to suit your budget. The Money Saving Expert eligibility checker can also help you to find the unsecured loans you are most likely to be accepted for based on your loan amount and the loan length through a ‘soft search’ that won’t affect your credit rating.

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase differs from personal loans in that the finance is secured against the value of the vehicle and is generally easier to obtain than a personal loan. Whilst we don’t offer higher purchase credit directly, we are happy to work with selected finance companies.

Other options

If you are struggling to find a suitable finance option for you WAV we recommend reaching out to charitable organisations who may be able to offer advice on sources of finance that you can access.